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Mission and Purpose Conference - October 28-30th, 2011

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Stories From the Underground: Incarnational Living In Atlanta

Jason and Kelly Pope, Salvation Army community development pioneers, have been living and working alongside the urban poor in Atlanta GA for the last six years. Come and hear the stories and lessons they have learned of God's kingdom in the inner city.

A Place To Grow: Youth Development

Have you ever wished you knew what could be done to improve the behavior of the youth attending your corps?

With a quick look at a theology of youth work and a definition of youth development, Major Gail Aho, the Central Territory Youth Secretary, will share how this and other areas of youth ministry can be addressed by making your Salvation Army a place for young people to grow.

Corps and Kroc: The Chicken or the Egg?

This workshop is intended for both Kroc personnel (officers, Kroc Corps soldiers, and staff) and any others interested in this new expression of Salvation Army mission. As Kroc Centers open across the Midwest there is a need to understand how the Army can fulfill its mission in the context of this new opportunity. Major Marc Johnson, Senior Kroc Center Officer in Grand Rapids, will lead us in exploring the relation between the 'corps', the larger Kroc mission, and the big picture of the Army's mission.

Soldiers As Ministry Partners

Every Corps is made up of Soldiers - some long term or multi-generational - some brand-new - each is a source of actual or potential ministry for the Kingdom of God. Major Beth Petrie, Director of Curriculum at the College for Officer Training, leads this workshop which highlights the effective participation of soldiers who view themselves as equal partners in contributing to the ministry life and growth of their Corps. Attenders will be challenged to discover and explore ministry roles in their Corps in meaningful ways.

Crossing Multicultural Frontiers

Daily we encounter people who have crossed borders of nation, tongue, culture and languages. For the Army’s soldiers and staff, a passport may not be required, but new approaches must be developed for effective ministry in this changing and diverse world. The world is at our doorstep! Karen Young, Multicultural Ministries Specialist for the Central Territory, will help us explore some of the realities of our multicultural landscape and the skills needed for Christian leaders.

Officership: A Day In The Life

Contemplating officership? What does it really look like? The multifaceted role of an officer is one of hard work resulting in both joy and sorrow. What ministry opportunities might you encounter on a day to day basis? Corps officers Major Mike McKee (Benton Harbor MI) and Captain Alex Norton (Lansing MI) will share their experience through stories and insights.

Nuts and Bolts: The Process for Officer Candidates

If you are planning to go to the College for Officer Training within the next three years this is for you. Topics will include college classes to prepare you for training, pointers on financial management, and ways that local officership can prepare you to step in to the shoes of a corps officer. Colonel Dawn Heatwole, Candidates Secretary for the Central Territory, will lead this workshop.

Adventures In Employment

Salvationist employees have a great opportunity through full-time employment to fulfill their personal mission in the mission of the Army. This workshop led by Eric Van Cleven, Director of the Central Territory Employee Resources Bureau, will explore many of the existing job opportunities for college grads along with information on benefits and expectations.

In Mission for the World

Chris Shay, Central Territory’s World Missions Bureau Director, will help you understand God's passion for the nations and what your role might be. How do world missions fit into the life of a follower of Christ? Discover the Salvation Army's involvement in world missions along with how you might become involved through Summer Mission Team, Global Mission Team, sponsorships and involvement with those who are out on the mission field.

No Excuse Needed: Soldiers and Social Services

Bryant Erickson, Territorial Program Consultant for Social Services, shares the historical and traditional roots of Salvation Army mission through soldier-activated social services. This workshop will then explore ways for soldiers to serve in existing as well as in new missional initiatives of social service.


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