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The Salvation Army Services and Programs

The Salvation Army strives to be timely and efficient as it examines and addresses needs within a community. It continues to seek ways to change people's lives by elevating the human spirit through the gift of Christian love. We lift people up - get them on their feet - help them grow in all dimensions of life.

Follow the links below for information on some of the programs operated by The Salvation Army.

Addiction Programs
For over 100 years The Salvation Army has been fighting alcoholism in its adult rehabilitation centers (ARC)
Children's Ministries
The Salvation Army sponsors programs to promote physical, social, emotional, cognitive and spiritual well-being.
Community Care Ministries
This is community care ministries (CCM). It's simply that-caring for those in our corps and community.
Correctional Services
The Salvation Army reaches out to individuals who are imprisoned and families left behind.
Emergency Disaster Services
Salvation Army personnel serve in the midst of calamity by providing help and resources, motivated by Christian love.
Kroc Community Centers
Seven communities in the Midwest have received approval to receive funds to build and endow a RJKCCC.
Missing Persons
Its purpose is to help facilitate successful reunions between family members who have lost contact.
Multi-Cultural Ministries
Building a multi-cultural sensitivity among Salvation Army officers, soldiers, employees and volunteers.
Music Ministries
Teaching those of all ages how to read music and play instruments, while emphasizing God's love.
Officer Candidates
More information about what it means to become a Salvation Army officer.
Officer Resource & Development
Information on continuing education programs and biblical tours for Salvation Army officers.
Older Adult Ministries
The Salvation Army provides occasions for older adults to continue contributing to their communities.
Resource Connection
Salvation Army supplies and purchasing. A resource connection for publications, recordings and more.
Salvation Army Camps
For more than 100 years, The Salvation Army has recognized the value of camping.
Social Services
The Salvation Army holds to its founding principle that loving God means loving your neighbor.
Women's Ministries
Enhancing Christian fellowship, encouraging spiritual growth and promoting communities.
Youth Ministries
Offering opportunities for children, teens and young adults to grow in Christ and expand their worldview.


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